Meat from our pure breed Jacob sheep

Jacob Sheep, Lamb & Mutton

We have a small herd of pure bred Jacob sheep which we breed from every spring to produce top quality lamb and mutton. We chose Jacobs as they are a hardy upland breed and ideal for our land and climate here, Jacob meat is highly sort after as it is particularly tender and tasty.

To produce the best quality meat our Jacobs live out on grass all year round and are supplemented in the winter with high quality sheep nuts to ensure they are kept at peak health all year round, our pasture runs down to a spring fed stream from which the animals drink and there is a woodland area for sheltering from the sun and rain, in the winter they are able to come  into the barn to shelter if they wish but being an upland breed we find they tend to prefer to stay out whatever the weather can throw at them.

Lamb is available as half lambs or individual joints or chops, we often have some frozen but the half lambs sell out very fast so its always best to ring or email to enquire about availability.

'Hog' a hog is a lamb that is over a year old but not yet mature, occasionally we have hog meat available, its cheaper than lamb and nearly as tender if cooked slowly and has a slightly stronger gamier taste.

Mutton, we often have mutton available, as joints, chops and mince, mutton is a tasty and gamey meat that is much more economical than lamb, cooked long and slow it has a fabulous flavour and texture and remains tender, although unpopular for some years mutton is now gaining popularity again for use in stews, casseroles and slow roasts, I have several recipes for mutton including a 'poor mans venison' which gives an amazing tender and tasty roast 'venison' from a joint of mutton marinated in red wine for 2 days.

Please contact us for availability and prices of  Lamb, Hogget and Mutton. As we sell out very quickly most people order theirs to ensure they get it!